What’s your ideal vision of business growth?

Commonly it includes; growing customer portfolio, increased sales, increased service offerings, growing teams.

What about the technical efficiencies?
While we plan and measure for the common growth visions, it is often the lack of technical efficiencies such as automating processes that cause us to burn out when we achieve growth.

Relying on the same manual processes, our teams to produce double the work in half the time, or on slow and inaccurate information to make key business decisions will not get us ahead of the curve.

Let’s assume that makes sense, now what?

Here is my recommended checklist:

* What do I need & where to start?
* How do I select the right vendor in a pool of 100’s or 1000’s?
* What are the right questions to ask vendors as not to be taken for a ride?
* What is the benchmark for good service and cost?
* How will a change of systems impact my business operations, staff or customers?
* What’s a reasonable budget and timeline?
* What kind of support do I ask for?
* Will I get my return on investment?

If any of these questions make you nervous, drop me a line karine@projecting.com.au.

One of my superpowers is to ‘Translate the perspective of technical vendors into a language relatable to you’.

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