Case Studies


We specialise in people centric project management

BIRI Automation

Their legacy reporting systems were becoming heavily strained and increasingly experiencing system faults and failures. Projecting with People fixed the issue and also saved over 800 hours across the Financial Reporting Team within the first 2 weeks post project delivery.

Insightful Reporting

As a result of the client’s business growth over time, several new data streams had made it increasingly difficult to accurately and efficiently demonstrate the client’s true operating performance. After engaging with Projecting with People, the client was able to fix the inefficiencies and also achieve over $1million in cost reductions.

IT Systems Upgrade

Due to out-dated applications, the company was experiencing multiple system shutdowns, loss of data, inability to receive new file formats as they did not integrate with the old systems. While the company had considered using its in-house IT department to manage the project, it was apparent that the team were not equipped to forecast and mitigate risks which undoubtedly would have an overall impact on business as usual functions.

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