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“I am passionate about making projects better by making project teams stronger”


Karine O’Donnell

Hi, I’m Karine

I’m what you might call
an accidental project manager.

Welcome to Projecting With People! We specialise in empowering accidental project teams for confident risk management, effective communication, and successful project delivery. With 17+ years of experience, our approach centres on understanding and managing people—the key to project success. Whether online or in-person, our training programs focus on practical skills. Let us help you build confidence and capabilities for successful project delivery, emphasising open communication and continuous improvement.

As a passionate advocate and seasoned expert in project delivery, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge – learned from both mistakes and successes. I am passionate about empowering and fortifying our community, fostering a stronger foundation for success in projects regardless of role or industry.

I can help you and your teams to Overcome & Prevent

Scope Creep

Lack of Team Chemistry

Handover Delays

Poor Stakeholder Trust & Engagement

What People Say

I reached out to Karine after being a Business Analyst for 12 years after I transitioned to a Project Manager role. I had completed project management courses in the past which were very theory based, however, what I really wanted was real life scenarios, learning the fundamentals, and new ways of working. After delivering a number of projects, I successfully landed a project management role on a very large transformation project for one of the largest companies in Australia. The support from Karine helped to build my confidence, drive my personal development, and to sound board specific situations. This was so valuable. I am a driver pesonality, so keen to get stuck straight into deliverables and timeline, whereby Karine encouraged myself to take a step back, build trust with the team members first, which I’ve learnt is a critical step. Also, there were times of chaos, and Karine’s approach was to take a breather, and really think about the key themes instead of getting stuck in the noise, this approach was a game changer! My vision is to be one of the best project managers in Brisbane, so the reason why I’m investing and working with Karine, is so I can learn from an expert and successful project manager and to expedite my learning and approaches.

After struggling with late projects deliverables and poor stakeholder communication I engaged Karine as I trusted her to deliver what I needed. Karine helped me build a manifesto for project delivery and provided me with confident project managers who deliver in accordance with our methodology. Working with Karine created a space to reflect aspects of the project management process that we hadn’t considered in our project delivery. PWP takes the time to understand and customise the training to all levels of capability. I would recommend PWP to help with project co-ordination, to understand the ‘why’ behind every project and deliverables, and to better engage with stakeholders for business visibility.

Karine is a ball of enthusiasm and positive energy that would light up any project she engages with. During the six months during which I was fortunate to receive mentoring from Karine, I found her to be attentive, generous and patient, as well as pushing me to challenge my assumptions and habits and to drive forward for better results. I am very grateful for the time, knowledge and resources that Karine shared with me, she has provided a great boost for me in my new career as a Project Manager. I can recommend Karine highly to anyone who is considering engaging her as a trainer or practitioner on any project.

We engaged Projecting with People to assess our teams Project delivery and Process’s to assist in areas of improvement. The outcomes enabled us to make some informative decisions and guided outcomes. Our people loved the professional approach, the end-to-end experience was fantastic, we will no doubt be working again with Karine in the future.

I have learnt a lot more on project delivery especially on methodology. I have included some elements such as a communication plan or progress spreadsheet in my projects that enables me to effectively track task. Also, I have a better understanding of the whole project delivery process and understood the critical role of the asking the simple question "why". Last but not least, I have also a better understanding of what are the expectations of my role, as a Junior PM I was not quiet sure but now from the training and a little bit more of experience within the company, I understand my role and am better prepared to meet the expectations.

Engaging delivery! Karine is lovely to work with and the lessons I have learnt from her will benefit me for years to come. I feel better equipped with the next project when it kicks off.

This training improved my thought process and approach while working in project base environment. It has helped me to self-reflect a lot. I know that even if I do not have technical skills, just asking the right questions will still give me the ability to deliver. I also definitely feel a bit more confident thanks to all the PM tools that was introduced during the training and also by my sponsor and mentor.

Karine is a knowledgeable project management subject matter expert, who has packaged a practical project management course that is especially useful for managers with no formal project management training. She is also a lively presenter, projecting an infectious enthusiasm that makes a pleasure to be practicing in the course.

Karine is a natural trainer, as myself a teacher as well, her training style and method was to the point and very precise. She understands what the industry is looking for and also the training participants needs, the areas where they need training and focused effort to make it a habit. She had a very focused approach during the training. I strongly recommend her for the Project Management trainings.

We retained Karine as her services aligned with our price point, Karine was knowledgeable, and we connected personally to represent our workplace culture. We were provided with a report on areas to focus development which clarified our priorities and delivered a sense of direction. The biggest realisation that came from working with Karine was the reality of who needed to change in our team. If you need clarity and support in developing project team structure, I recommend Karine.

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