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“I am passionate about making projects better by making project teams stronger” – Karine O’Donnell 

I can help you and your teams to Overcome and Prevent


Lack of Team Chemistry


Poor Stakeholder Trust or Engagement


How I can help

Achieve Success Driven Results

For more than 15 years of my career, I was an independent management consultant to ASX listed companies. My job, was to help them rescue failing projects.

What I’ve learnt, is that while very project is unique and brings with it a new set of exciting challenges, the reasons that projects face the problems that lead them to fail are the same.

And they all have to do with people.

People are the biggest driver in delivering successful projects.

Delivering projects is a team sport. You need to know how to work together, how to support each other, how to learn from one another and how to empower your audiences together.

I’ll help you build the practical skills and knowledge you need to lay foundational project processes, navigate risks and face project challenges, all without overcomplicating things or focussing on unnecessary theory and paperwork.

Delivering Powerful Projects With


Project Management Institute Mentor

I am now a registered mentor for the Project Management Institute Melbourne Chapter.

As an advocate of the project delivery industry and a veteran and expert in the field, I feel it is my responsibility to share my knowledge and learnings to further advance our community. By sharing my mistakes and successes my hope is to build a stronger foundation for those advancing through project delivery, no matter their role or industry. I am a huge advocate of setting the right foundation to achieve success on projects and as a mentor I am able to share the knowledge and tools on how to do that.

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