Consulting Services

How we can help you achieve success driven results

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Are you affected by any of the following?

  • Missing commitments (late delivery, scope creep, budgeting challenges)
  • Lack of project visibility
  • Lack of accountability
  • Lack of confidence that project outcomes exceed cost
  • Being in a state of reactivity
  • Higher staff turnover
  • Limited capacity to increase clientele
  • Constantly absorbing unforecasted costs
  • Unable to disengage problematic clients
  • Inability to attract more viable clients
  • Disgruntled clients and/or staff

We can help you transform that into…

  • Tangible scopes that support customer needs
  • Meeting delivery KPI’s
  • 5% tolerance on forecasted vs actuals of delivery tasks and timelines
  • Increased stakeholder response and action
  • Upskilled staff
  • Increased communication across different levels of your project team
  • Improved delivery of commitments
  • Increased opportunity to generate new work from existing projects
  • Creating a consistent approach to delivering all of your projects

We deliver this through…

  • Workshops
  • 1:1 sessions
  • Mentorship
  • Certified and customised training
  • Delivery governance that ensures processes, resources, and structures are effective.

Business & Digital Transformation

We offer a blend of principals of change management and project
management disciplines to not only transform your business but ensure long lasting and sustainable results.


Every organisation needs to employ business intelligence and efficient data warehousing best practices to guide your organisation’s fundamental decision making.


We help successful businesses to modernise their IT structure through projects that create efficiencies, track performance and predict trends.


To achieve true success, stakeholders need to understand and adopt the project’s change. We apply strategies to bring the people on your project journey.

Are you affected by any of the following?

We can help you transform that into…

We deliver this through…

How We Work

We use a three-step approach to deliver tailored solutions for businesses, emphasising transparency and reducing impact during project implementation.

Our methodology assesses the business’s vision, needs, and workforce opportunities. The focus is on eliminating stress, providing success plans, and supporting clients through growth. Our services include vendor management, business case design, feasibility studies, recruitment, accountability planning, risk management, and project governance.

We actively oversee implementation, ensuring seamless integration and leaving clients equipped with confidence and necessary tools, including training and documentation.

Project Strategy & Success Planning

We begin by formulating a unique strategy for your business through a foundation assessment tool. This tool uncovers your vision, business needs, and opportunities within your workforce.

The aim is to eliminate stress caused by uninformed decisions and lack of training, providing a fit-for-purpose solution to maximize your investment and enhance growth opportunities.


Clear planning and decision-making are crucial during this phase. We collaborate with your team and external stakeholders to seamlessly bring together all project elements.

Transparent processes, progress showcases, risk mitigation, and active support ensure effective implementation. We plan and coordinate tasks, manage risks, conduct workshops, and champion change through education sessions, leaving you with a positive impact.

Seamless Integration & Confidence Building

As we transition, our focus shifts to leaving you and your team feeling secure and confident. We provide tools for seamless integration into your business, addressing immediate needs and ensuring long-term success.

Stakeholder training, accountability documents, in-depth guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting documents are delivered, fostering confidence and growth within your business.