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Achieve Success Driven Results

Business and Digital Transformation

We offer a blend of principals of change management and project management disciplines to not only transform your business but ensure long lasting and sustainable results.

IT Projects

We help successful businesses to modernise their IT structure through projects that create efficiencies, track performance and predict trends.


Every organisation needs to employ business intelligence and efficient data warehousing best practices to guide your organisation’s fundamental decision making.

Change Management

To achieve true success, stakeholders need to understand and adopt the project’s change. We apply strategies to bring the people on your project journey.

How We Work

Project delivery strategy and success plan

Our three-step approach tests the best solution for your business structure, empowers the team who will be operating it and supports your business into the future. Our key metric is to eliminate the stress of making ill-informed decisions, due to lack of knowledge and training. Our people-focus and well-developed processes are how we support all of our clients through the next stage of their business growth.

Formulating the right strategy to suit your business is a key element in assuring the successful outcome of any project.  We believe this process to be so important, we have created a unique methodology framework for it.  This foundation assessment tool is designed to uncover your vision, the needs and wants of the business, and the opportunities within your people. We use this information to create the most fit-for-purpose solution to maximise your investment and enhance your growth opportunities.

Our focus when delivering projects is to reduce the impact on you, your employees, and your customers.  Our success plans offer you and your stakeholders’ transparency across the project lifecycle, a sense of ownership and motivation to embrace the upcoming change, and maximises the post-delivery confidence to adopt the solution.

We provide you peace of mind by handling:

  • Vendor management
  • Vendor tender process to find the best fit product
  • Communications with service providers to better understand each product available
  • Business case design and creation
  • Feasibility studies and report
  • Recruitment (internal or external)
  • Accountability plan
  • Risk management document
  • Project management governance
  • Project management training

Project Implementation

Effective implementation relies on clear planning and decision making within the strategy and success planning stages.  We will work collaboratively with your team and any external stakeholders to bring together all movable parts, to ensure seamless implementation of your project. Our processes are extremely transparent and are committed to continuously validating your requirements.  We do this by showcasing progress at agreed milestones, maintain an action plan for risks and issues, and communicate project status at agreed intervals.  During this phase we create all of the documentation to minimise risk and reduce the operational impact to your business.

Our team will be on the ground offering support and overseeing all elements that are being implemented to proactively act before any risk or negative impact has taken place.

You enjoy a seamless integration because we:

  • Plan and coordinate implementation tasks
  • Manage and mitigate risk in collaboration with your guidance
  • Chair workshops, training, and management progress meetings
  • Champion your change through information and education sessions such as ‘lunch and learns’ sessions.

Create a positive impact

We know it’s important to leave you and your team feeling secure and confident.  We transition you with the tools to integrate the change seamlessly into your business to meet both your immediate needs and the long-term success of the business.  We work closely with your team to train all stakeholders involved, working within the new infrastructure. Our team will listen to any concerns and uncertainties to motivate and grow the confidence within your business.

Before we leave you, you will receive:

  • Accountability documents- who has ownership over each element of the infrastructure and process
  • Work with service providers that have been engaged with the project to provide in-depth training
  • User guides- easy to understand, step by step operating instructions
  • FAQ and troubleshooting documents
  • Training manuals for new employees for your onboarding processes

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