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Who is responsible for what in your project?

Get clear on your mission, engage your team and deliver your projects more powerfully with my FREE guide.

Taking this approach will give you time for
thorough reflection and implementation, so you can make the most out of your project transformation efforts.


If someone isn’t actively managing obstacles in your project, you’re jeopardising success.

Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies (RAID) can all impact the delivery of your project.

When you take action with my RAID register, you’ll minimise and manage obstacles with confidence to deliver a powerful project every time.


Responsible. Accountable. Consulted. Informed.

Who is responsible for what in your project? Who has the authority to make an overall decision within the project? Are your team clear on their level of responsibility for each task or phase of the project?

When completed at the start of your project, my RACI Matrix removes the element of assumption.


How many times can you encounter the same project problem before you make a change?

We gather so many lessons on projects and each lesson is an opportunity.

But what do we do with these opportunities and how do we convert them into action to achieve a better outcome next time?

The answer is the Lessons Learned Process.

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