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Join me on “Chat Time” where I converse with Project Professionals, delving into their experiences as leaders in project delivery, offering invaluable insights for enhancing your project management skills. Additionally, explore my concise tutorials covering topics from Project Risks to Project Planning and Vision, designed to empower you with essential project skills. Tune in and watch tutorials to elevate your project management proficiency.

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Chat Time

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Changing your project process

Changing a process on a project usually comes about because you and your team know the current process isn’t working.

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The dangers of assuming

When we plan out a project we always consider the costs, timelines and scope. But what about assumptions?

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Communication in large organisations

What does a customer engagement and communication expert have to say on the topic of Communication.

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Prioritising Prioritisation

Emily Grinton is an experienced IT professional and consultant who has worked on IT projects for almost 20 years.

Taking the guesswork out of forecasting

The outcome of your forecasting is often a great measure for the strength and efficiency of your project delivery processes.

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The power of great leadership

Great leadership is the pinnacle of any project team success but what makes a great leader?

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Public Relations on your project

It is important for all projects to receive the right level of stakeholder engagement and adoption to truly succeed.

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Humanising Project Controls

Projects are temporary by nature however projects are constantly failing for very repetitive reasons and almost all of these have to do with humans.

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Successfully delivering more with graduate Project Managers

Transitioning students into career ready project mangers is not only Guinevere Gilbert’s job but also her passion.

Project Sponsorship: How to be an effective one and gain the the trust and support of your team

Project sponsorship is a term many of us on projects know but fewer of us understand how to do well or support those who take on this role.

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With Vikki Kapoor: Empowering project teams through boundaries

In this segment, my guest Vikki (Vik) Kapoor and I dive into the significance of empowering your project team through boundaries.

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With Vincent Mammarella: Managing diversity and perspectives on projects

Diversity can plague project teams with many minefields to overcome but do they need to?

Lisa Schutz photo

With Lisa Schutz: Methodology doesn’t solve everything

Project Methodology is extremely valuable however it won’t solve all your problems!

Brad Riley photo

With Brad Riley: The balance of encouraging teams to step up and take ownership while still adhering to boundaries

I talk to Brad Riley, Director and Founder of InfoStatus about the balancing act of empowering his international team while still adhering to the company and client’s boundaries.

The Time Fix photo

With The Time Fix: Why time management is crucial to project success

The topic of time affects us all but in a project scenario it can make the difference between success and failure.

Didier Pyndiah photo

With Didier Pyndiah: Becoming an ‘accidental’ Project Manager

Join me in this 30 minute chat with ‘accidental’ Project Manager, Didier Pyndiah.

Skye Bennett photo

With Skye Bennnett: Communication and empowerment in project teams

I had such an interesting Chat with Skye Bennett.

Murray Parsons photo

With Murray Parsons: What happens when PMO and project delivery teams work together

Join me for a chat with Murray Parsons.


Project Risks

Easy steps to managing risk and gathering critical information

Project Planning

Forming and validating a strategy

Mission and vision

Let’s talk about the project ‘Why’