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There’s always more to learn when it comes to delivering powerful projects. Join me as I chat with Project Professionals to learn from their experiences as leaders in project delivery.


From Project Risks to Project Planning and Project Vision, my short tutorials will help you power up your project skills.          

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Project Risks

Easy steps to managing risk and gathering critical information

5 Elements of a Strategy to guide you through discovering and mitigating project risks from the beginning.

Learn 5 easy techniques to help you ask the right questions to draw out risks and discover gaps before they become a problem with enough time to get things back on track!

Get your copy of the 5 Elements of a Strategy ebook.

Project Planning

Forming and validating a strategy

Even when you don’t decide the strategy, you should always be able to question it!

Several risks can be mitigated or avoided with some simple considerations when planning out a project strategy.

Here are 5 Elements to help you consider where possible risks and gaps may lie within the strategy of your project.

Mission and vision

Let's talk about the project 'Why'

Why do we need to know it, what does it mean, how do we discover it and what do we do about it!

Deliver more valued projects by being clear on the needs of the project.

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