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Projects succeed when people put their differences on the table and work toward a common goal. This is the logic behind my company, Projecting With People.

We focus on the people first, to generate the most suitable strategy, an impactful delivery, and the training and support to provide a long-lasting return on investment.

Money and time don’t achieve success, people do! 

Director and founder of Projecting With People, Karine O’Donnell has been working in the project management space for over 17 years and is passionate about implementing fit for purpose solutions to suit each client and their business.

Karine has consulted and worked in national and international companies to implement fresh and innovative streamlined IT projects to enhance each company’s ability to perform.

The depth of experience and knowledge that Karine brings to each project includes:

  • Business and digital transformation projects 
  • Change management implementation 
  • Management and support for IT teams
  • Project mentorship and training
  • Creating, developing, and disseminating business  strategies to improve business performance

Projecting With People (PWP) was created due to an inherent gap in the industry. There was a missing empathy and knowledge that was preventing businesses from fulfilling what they require to grow and take their employees on the journey with them. The focus was on time and money with minimal consideration placed on how people will accept and deal with the change. 

The issue PWP discovered; when employees did not find the process easy or transparent it then directly affects the timeline and budget. It is why PWP focuses on people first to drive a plan that supports all elements of the business. PWP is the conduit between the implementation strategy, the delivery team and the stakeholders at the forefront of the business.

PWP’s philosophy is to treat each client as an extension of PWP- which offers all clients their passion, energy, and drive to achieve successful results.

We are driven to provide leadership and solutions that offer clarity and create a positive culture within a business.

Our results speak for themselves.


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Projecting with People worked with our executive & senior leadership teams to implement a POD agile delivery program. This engagement was pivotal in obtaining senior leadership endorsement, stakeholder adoption and our teams engagement in the midst of a restructure. As a result of the extensive cross-level and cross-functional collaboration, the new delivery model achieved BAU operational success while meeting the business demands of our key stakeholders. Of the many successes, the highlights include converting our most challenging stakeholder into an advocate, an innovation initiative providing continuous operating improvement, new upskilling opportunities and a collaborative team. Not an easy assignment so it’s worth saying that Karine is a magician with people management! I would highly recommend her services.
I inherited a programme of work that was going nowhere and didn't have buy-in from our stakeholders. I brought in Karine from Projecting with People who took over, provided direction and got engagement from our stakeholders. Amongst others, she worked with our depot staff to demonstrate the benefits to them in a language and pace to enhance adoption. The project delivered on time and budget and our stakeholders were delighted.

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