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Hi, I’m Karine.

I’m what you might call an accidental project manager.

I first discovered the world of project delivery when I was seconded as a Subject Matter Expert onto a project team. It was meant to be for a week. But after six months on that project, followed by six months on another, I was hooked.

Projects became my passion.

I’ve got more than 17 years’ experience as a project delivery specialist. I’ve been in every seat on a project team, from business analyst, tester and scheduler, to Program Manager, Project Lead and Head of Delivery.

Through my diverse experience, I’ve achieved huge project milestones, industry changing wins and my own share of project bombs.

For more than 15 years of my career, I was an independent management consultant to ASX listed companies. My job, was to help them rescue failing projects.

What I’ve learnt, is that while very project is unique and brings with it a new set of exciting challenges, the reasons that projects face the problems that lead them to fail are the same.

And they all have to do with people.

People are the biggest driver in delivering successful projects.

In fact, projects could deliver themselves if people weren’t involved! This is because they come with an array of experiences, judgements, expectations, and needs, all of which will lead to doom, or help you deliver a powerful project.

This is why I put people at the heart of my project delivery approach.

No matter what business you’re in, projects are all around you. You’re an accidental project manager – just like me. And your team, is an accidental project team.

To deliver a successful project all of you need the product skills you already bring to the table, and the project skills that will help you deliver successfully.

This is where Projecting With People comes in.

I help accidental project teams feel confident to speak up, address risks and deliver successful projects. 

My group training programs show you how to deliver valuable projects while my coaching programs help you apply these tools to your environment. I work with teams online and face-to-face so I can support you no matter your work set up or structure.

Delivering projects is a team sport. You need to know how to work together, how to support each other, how to learn from one another and how to empower your audiences together.

I’ll help you build the practical skills and knowledge you need to lay foundational project processes, navigate risks and face project challenges, all without overcomplicating things or focussing on unnecessary theory and paperwork.

I’ll help you empower your team, promote open and honest communication and create an environment that thrives on continuous improvement so you can deliver powerful projects with confidence.

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