You’re already good at projects.
Now become a master.

 My Project Mastery training will help your team to generate greater project value, identify and measure the KPIs for highly result driven project delivery and consistently deliver powerful projects. 

I’ll help turn your team into a project delivery powerhouse where projects are Business As Usual and consistently deliver ROI. 

What might it mean to your business to have a team of project delivery masters? 

Consistently exceptional results? Improved productivity? Engaged stakeholders? Greater business efficiency? Increased revenue? Decreased business risk? A resilient and happy team? The ability to take on more and larger projects?  


Delivered online or in person over 8 weeks, the Project Mastery training program will turn your team into skilled project delivery masters. 


They’ll learn how to convert projects into a Business As Usual operating model. How to identify and measure KPIs for highly result driven project delivery and confidently deliver new products and services. How to easily manage shared resources across multiple projects. And how to lead a strong and resilient team who can deliver increasingly powerful results for your business.


At the end of Project Mastery training, your organisation will have skilled project team capable of delivering powerful projects to a clear delivery framework. 

The Project Mastery Course is for organisations and teams who:

When you join me for Project Mastery you will:

Be engaged

My learning approach has a knowledge retention rate of at least 75%

Apply your learning to your environment

You’ll practice training techniques on a pre-determined, live project so we can work through all the material and tackle each and every challenge.

Implement Project KPIs

Tailored to your business and essential for result achieving project teams.

Have a dedicated Project Delivery Coach

I will work with you to fill gaps in your project infrastructure and level-up your entire delivery framework.

Save time and money

By strengthening your existing team to retain your company’s knowledge pool.

Achieve better stakeholder engagement

By learning to put people at the heart of your project delivery you’ll see improved employee, leadership and stakeholder satisfaction.

Have a more resilient & reliable team

By bringing your entire delivery team to the same level of knowledge, you’ll consistently improve project delivery results.

Be seen as a project leader

Engage with your stakeholders as a project delivery expert and be the leader of the project journey.

A powerful, documented project delivery framework

Perfect for existing and growing teams so you can deliver consistently every time with an auditable delivery approach.

Get a 1:1 Position Assessment with Me

So we know where you want to go and what you need. We’ll cover strategy, people, technical assets, processes and performance targets.

Learn from an Experienced Project Delivery Leader

With more than 17 years’ experience, on the ground, delivering projects in ASX listed companies.

Receive Project Framework Templates

Designed to suit any project environment, allowing you to successfully implement strategies around risks, planning and accountability.

Get Access to Fortnightly 1:1 Check-ins

To address specific questions and concerns and identify opportunities for improvement.

Join LIVE online training sessions

Ask questions about YOUR project and receive live feedback.

Get a Weekly Training Workbook

Containing all the learning for the current modules.

Be Recognised with a Certificate of Completion

Showing that the members of your team have put in the work.


About Karine

Hi, I’m Karine. 

And I’m passionate about project delivery. 

Everyone today is talking about Project Management. Project Management is a strategy. And while understanding strategy is important, it’s in the doing that projects fail or succeed. Project Delivery is where it’s truly at. 

And when it comes to Project Delivery, I’ve been where you are. 

I don’t just know the theory; I’ve been in the trenches. And I became the person you’d call when things weren’t going well. 

I know there’s a better way. 

When your team trains with me, they’ll be engaged, driven and motivated. Even the boring parts of project delivery will be interesting. They’ll learn to understand and clarify project goals in line with the organisation’s vision, increase their communication skills, increase their emotional intelligence and learn to balance the needs of often competing stakeholders to deliver a powerful project every time. 

They’ll have improved confidence in project delivery and your clients will have increased confidence in your organisation. 

People are the magic that’s missing from your projects. And I can help you ignite them. 

I look forward to working with you soon. 


What you will learn:


1:1 Position Assessment

A complimentary, 1:1 assessment with me to guide you to take stock of your needs. We’ll cover strategy, people, technical assets, processes and performance targets. 


Rules of Engagement

Why and how to set clear parameters around accepting work including who makes decisions and what you need to triage tasks. 


Laying the foundation

How to make a confident start for a powerful finish. 




Existing as a cohesive team

How to define roles, create a role matrix and develop strategies that drive greater team value. 



Engagement and adoption

Strategies for getting the best from project stakeholders and setting expectations. 



Consistent and clear key documents

How to ensure information flows the right way so you can let all stakeholders in on the secret.  



Road rules of delivery

How to deliver success every time. 




Measuring progress

Defining reporting and monitoring so you can improve team results. 



Finishing powerfully

Transitioning your project to a Business As Usual operating model so you can leave a legacy long after the project is complete. 


Project Mastery most frequent questions and answers

Project Mastery training is delivered over an eight-week period. You’ll need to allow between 2 – 4 hours per week to complete the reading and attend the live training session. 

The Project Mastery training can be delivered online or in person, whichever format is right for your team. 

AbsolutelyIf you have specific requirements, you can speak with me about fully customised on-site training. 

A minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 participants per programThis provides us the right balance for optimum collaboration and the time for active participation. 

For training to be exclusively delivered to your organisation, I request a minimum of 5 people. Smaller project teams will be grouped with other organisations to reach an ideal group size. Some exceptions can be made so it’s best to contact me for more information if you require exclusive training.



All participants receive a certification of completed training and the end of the program. 

No. However the program does cover elements from a variety of methodologies such as Prince 2, Agile and Scrum and uses best practice project delivery frameworks

Yes. To get the most out of this program, you’ll need to have more than 5 years’ experience delivering projects throughout the entire project lifecycle, managing multiple stakeholders within an existing or projected leadership role.  

If you’re new to projects, then my Project Basics training was designed especially for you. If you’re no longer a beginner and are ready to level up, then my Project Elevator training will help develop your skills and build your confidence. 

Still don’t know if this is right for you or your team?

I know that embarking on any type of training is an investment. 

If you still aren’t sure and want to have a chat about whether the Project Mastery course is right for you and your team, please feel free to schedule a discovery call so I can help you make the right decision for your team.

Other available courses


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