RAID Register – FREE Download

If someone isn’t actively managing obstacles in your project, you’re jeopardising success.

 Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies (RAID) can all impact the delivery of your project.

When you take action with my RAID register, you’ll minimise and manage obstacles with confidence to deliver a powerful project every time.



Projects won’t succeed if someone is not actively managing project obstacles.

The RAID Register is an evolution of the risk register. But instead of just looking at Risk, it takes into account that projects can also be derailed by Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies. The RAID Register captures all of these items in the one place and will help you minimise and manage the obstacles that are getting in the way of your project’s success.

When you capture items in the RAID register, you’ll more easily be able to resolve and remove them. You’ll also be able to action, manage and monitor the Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies in your project, giving you control over their impact and outcome.

The RAID register makes all obstacles transparent to the project team and stakeholders, creates accountability for addressing problems as they arise and promotes confidence that the project can meet its commitments.