RACI Matrix – FREE Download

Responsible. Accountable. Consulted. Informed.

Who is responsible for what in your project? Who has the authority to make an overall decision within the project? Are your team clear on their level of responsibility for each task or phase of the project?

When completed at the start of your project, my RACI Matrix removes the element of assumption.

With your project team and stakeholders clear on the level of responsibility for each task, key phase or process of the project, you’ll set yourself (and your project) up for success.

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Who is responsible? Who is accountable? Who needs to be consulted? Who needs to be informed?

The RACI Matrix removes the element of assumption by clearly defining who has the overall decision on specific project matters, who can override decisions, who should be consulted for certain considerations and who should be informed to produce a smooth transition.

This resource should be completed at the beginning of the project to ensure the project team and stakeholders are clear on the level of responsibility for each task, key phase, or process of the project.

When you take the time to complete the RACI Matrix, you will:

  • Get clarity around who needs to be involved for each key task and in what capacity
  • Manage expectations when engaging stakeholders
  • Have more efficient engagements as the matrix outlines the role key people are expected to play
  • Build a quality control tool to ensure each task has received the right level of involvement from the right people
  • Minimise people working in isolation from the team or stakeholders
  • Keep the right people informed