Framework and Video to develop a business case & scope: PWP Project Manifesto

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Imagine the structure of a business requirement document, the detail of a scope document and the guidance of a support coach all rolled into one. What do you end up with?

The PWP Project Manifesto!

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Don’t let scope creep, incomplete user requirements, poor stakeholder engagement, or post delivery defects de-value your project!

A 4-day delay in a team of 4 people costs the business¬†$1400!! And that’s just in labour if each person’s hourly rate is $50!


Add to that the cost of:

  • Additional impacts and interruptions to other staff
  • Poor customer confidence reducing repeat and referral business opportunities
  • Absorbing additional support costs
  • Loss of quality staff due to reduced moral
  • Unpaid time to triage and fix defects related to accepting adhoc requirements


The PWP Project Manifesto will help you to:

    • Draw out detailed and specific user needs and pain points
    • Develop a scope to solve and improve your stakeholder’s pain points and needs
    • Discover potential weaknesses in any pre-defined scope, delivery approach, and strategy
    • Conduct feasibility assessment for the best delivery approach
    • Provide formal justification for the chosen delivery approach, scope items, financial and timeline forecasts
    • Use as an agreed document to provide to clients / stakeholders / leadership to validate project strategy
    • Set boundaries for changing scope, budget, timelines
    • Outline post project delivery obligations


You will be provided with:

  • A guided Word document template to follow and complete
  • A 50-minute guided video tutorial on how to complete and use the PWP Project Manifesto


$157.00 excl. GST