Home Study Video: Project Planning For Successful Projects

In this pre-recorded workshop video, Project Delivery Coach and trainer Karine O’Donnell, shows how to create a realistic and effective project plan that will eliminate scope creep and put the team on the path to project success.

This event was a huge hit and has already converted to improvements for participants who attended. Here’s what attendees had to say:

“Accessible and practical tips and tricks that can be implemented straight away”

” I not only gained and enormous amount of insight personally, but my entire team walked away with practical, actionable next steps to getting the most our of our projects”

“An incredibly interactive and accessible workshop that shone a light on some common project missteps, with clear guidance to overcome those hurdles”

$39.00 excl. GST


Project Delivery Coach and trainer Karine O’Donnell explains why we experience project blowouts and deviation from our original plans, and what you can do to create a project plan that will lead you to success.

The video will help you to discover how to get buy-in to your project plan and the efficient ways to overcome project roadblocks before they impact the successful delivery of your projects.

You will discover how to:

  • Create an anchor to maintain focus on your project plan
  • Draw out possible risks so you have triggers in place to detect obstacles, alternative courses of action to overcome delays and a mitigation if a detour appears
  • Develop a measure to maximise actions and accountability so your project team will achieve their milestones
  • Create daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that support the scope and align to solving the desired pain points and needs


You can also access the accompanying resources mentioned in the video from the project delivery resources page, to help you:

  • Get your plan to tell you which paths to avoid, even before a project obstacle occurs
  • Design a plan that always solves the original pain point or need
  • Be clear on who can help you champion changes and who to involve for accountability
  • Work to a plan that everyone on the project team wants to follow