Lessons Learned – FREE Download

How many times can you encounter the same project problem before you make a change?

We gather so many lessons on projects and each lesson is an opportunity.

But what do we do with these opportunities and how do we convert them into action to achieve a better outcome next time?

The answer is the Lessons Learned Process.

And my Lessons Learned document template will have you implementing lessons for more powerful projects in no time.



The Lessons Learned process and documentation comes from an Agile delivery model but is relevant and even instrumental to all projects.

This template will guide you through applying Lessons Learned to projects throughout your organisation by helping you and your team to:

  • Look back over a set time period and find out how the project team has performed
  • Uncover what has been learnt as a means of improvement
  • Capture your lessons so you can create positive change
  • Evolve your Lessons Learned document throughout your project’s lifecycle and become a point of reference for any projects that are getting ready to start.