Communications Plan

When you plan out all your project communication upfront, everyone will understand what needs to be done from the start.

My Communications Plan template is a place to define the project’s audience, and outline the method and frequency of communication needed to deliver a valued and successful project.

Let’s get communicating!

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The Communications Plan is a continuously evolving document that should be updated throughout you project’s delivery.

It identifies all critical stakeholders by category and need, plans out what is required from each stakeholder and helps your team to track the progress of each activity following a structure, efficient and planned approach.

When used effectively as part of your project, this Communications Plan template will help your project team to:

  • Plan out all communication needs upfront so everyone understands what needs to be done
  • Minimise forgetting or missing communication needs
  • Be transparent with project members and stakeholders
  • Ensure all stakeholders receive the information they require to feel confident in the project
  • Drive actions and decisions
  • Be accountable for keeping people informed