5 Elements of a Strategy

Knowing what information you need when starting a project can be daunting! And yet not asking the right questions at the start can cause unnecessary and major risks to your commitments later!

The 5 Elements of a Strategy is your solution to solve this problem.

The 5 Elements of a Strategy raises questions of what to consider across 5 areas of your strategy to quickly identify your gaps and areas of concern or inconsiderations. They are Information, People, Technology, Processes and Timing.

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No matter what project methodology you use, if you do not ask questions to draw out gaps early in your project, you run the risk of missing critical and at times catastrophic information leading to derailing your project or failing all together!

Simple things like “What accesses do we need?” or “Will this project be delivered to one or many users?” are often overlooked because we focus on the big commitments such as scope, timelines and budget.

The 5 Elements of a Strategy is a proven framework of elements and questions to help project professionals form more structure when requesting and receiving information. The 5 elements are Information, People, Technology, Processes and Timing. And they also happen to be the most common areas where projects typically fail due to being under-resourced or under-prepared.

Delivered as an ebook, this framework guide, it is intended to help project teams develop a powerful strategy by consistently gathering clear, succinct, and structured information. It will guide you through the information to consider, what you have now and what you will need to source.

This guide will help you to ask better questions and receive clearer and more accurate answers!