Even the best project teams experience scope creep

No matter how experienced you are in projects, scope creep is a challenge that every project team faces.

If you find that:

  • Your team, or management say yes to too many things
  • You’re afraid to say no to added scope because you don’t want to lose a client
  • Scoping is hard because you don’t have all the information up front
  • Your scope constantly changes, because the environment has changed
  • You spend hours developing a scope document, for it just to end in scope creep anyway

Then this workshop is for you:

Join Project Delivery Coach and trainer Karine O’Donnell in this interactive session, where she will show you how to manage each of these challenges and share her strategies to overcome the common reasons for scope creep.

What you will learn:

During this workshop you will learn:

  • A project scoping strategy for any project, in any industry
  • What to ask upfront to produce a reliable and realistic project scope
  • Who to engage during the scoping process
  • How to set boundaries to avoid scope creep
  • How to get an out-of-control project back on track

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Key takeaways:

Join me at the Powerful Project Scoping workshop and you’ll discover:

  • What scope creep is and why it happens
  • How to prevent scope creep with confidence
  • How to bring a project that’s experiencing scope creep back to life

In this workshop I share all my secrets to developing a powerful project scope, including how to get a project that’s experiencing scope creep back on track.

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About Karine

Hi, I’m Karine. 

And I’m passionate about project delivery. 

Everyone today is talking about Project Management. Project Management is a strategy. And while understanding strategy is important, it’s in the doing that projects fail or succeed. Project Delivery is where it’s truly at. 

And when it comes to Project Delivery, I’ve been where you are. 

I don’t just know the theory; I’ve been in the trenches. And I became the person you’d call when things weren’t going well. 

I know there’s a better way. 

When your team trains with me, they’ll be engaged, driven and motivated. Even the boring parts of project delivery will be interesting. They’ll learn to understand and clarify project goals in line with the organisation’s vision, increase their communication skills, increase their emotional intelligence and learn to balance the needs of often competing stakeholders to deliver a powerful project every time. 

They’ll have improved confidence in project delivery and your clients will have increased confidence in your organisation. 

People are the magic that’s missing from your projects. And I can help you ignite them. 

I look forward to working with you soon.