Plan to start your projects in 2021 with a winning formula and set you and your delivery team apart!

About this Event

Have you started planning for projects you intend to commence in February or March 2021?

Have your projects not achieved the outcome you wanted in 2020? Maybe you pulled it together but in a very reactive fighting fires kind of way?

We are here to help!!

That is exactly why we have scheduled our last 2020 6-week training program to support your planning process. We will kick off 2 virtual sessions before the 22nd of December with the remaining sessions to commence once the team is recharged in the new year. Our training is suited to internal delivery teams or teams delivering an external service to their customers as a project who are looking for a winning formula when taking on new projects.

We don’t believe in sitting through long training programs which you struggle to remember in a week’s time or which doesn’t quite fit your environment. We have eradicated this problem by blending the best of multiple methodologies and best-practice standards from across the globe to suit YOUR specific environment. Our training programs are uniquely run to have the theory modelled on each participant’s own working environment.

This ensures that the teachings can be applied to YOUR real-life scenario. The content is not role-specific but rather strengthens all roles on the project. We cover critical elements of Agile, Prince 2, Scrum, and the Project Management Institute’s methodologies. We will show you why and how these can be applied to any project size or industry. We are committed to helping you apply these core elements to your projects because we know the difference it makes and how easily it can be implemented to achieve results.

The Value To You

Your Commitment

  • Attend and engage via zoom in 1x 1.5hr group class once per week for 6 weeks
  • Attend & engage via zoom in 4x check-in and accountability sessions with me and your delivery team
  • Apply the week’s learnings to your business case project (we work through this in your first 1:2:1)
  • Be committed to apply some change into your day-to-day work to actually receive value

Plan to start your projects in 2021 with a winning formula and set you and your delivery team apart!

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