Move the stiffness


Is stiffness in your mindset impacting progress on your projects?

“I went for a run this morning and my body felt stiff, unmotivated, lethargic and unimpressed with the idea of movement!”

I haven’t been very consistent with my runs of late because I have been busy, tired, occupied with kids, etc. And yet when I finally shut my head-talk up and kept moving at a comfortable pace, I felt my body slowly unstiffen, become motivated, the energy started swirling inside me and I was raring and ready to inject these feelings into my day.

Not so long ago I was into torturing myself. That is, if I’d make the decision to run it would have been to exhaustion because somewhere in my psyche I believed that to achieve improvement things needed to be hard, big and unpleasant; a certain punishment to achieve a reward. This mentality translated to my work, exercise and life in general. Today I realise that this is just as true as being able to fall off the end of the world!

Making change on any front often feels stiff, unmotivating and like punishment. I have seen it impact my business decisions and heard the impacts to my clients on their projects.

When things have been done a certain way for a long time, it doesn’t matter if you know that these continuously lead to the same mistakes or clunkiness. The fact is, making a change, albeit for improvement, feels like a stiff notion to implement. The idea of doing things differently is often unmotivating, lethargic with most people unimpressed with the thought let alone action.

Yet just like with my running, improvement doesn’t have to be moving mountains or redirecting oceans. Improvement comes by making small changes consistently to achieve your goal. The magic that happens though is once things start to improve, it provides the motivation and energy for more improvement which naturally leads to bigger and better things.

Improvements on projects can come from having more frequent conversations with people, so you stay on the same page. They come from asking more questions to remove assumptions and unknowns. They exist by understanding the needs of your team members and articulating yours in return. Improvements come from committing to keep moving towards your goal, learning the lessons when things didn’t go according to plan but empowering each other to stay the course.

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