Doing it the right way- with people in mind

“If you want something done right, do it yourself” – I’m sure you know the saying well. I know it so well, I’m surprised I didn’t come up with it!

So why is it that I am, or at least was, surrounded by people who can’t do it properly? It occurred to me that I could be the problem.

Having a conversation with someone or giving someone a directive assumes they know where you’re coming from, or that the direction is understood in the way it’s given, or that it’ll mean as much or anything to them, in the way it does to you. The saying goes ‘to assume, makes an ASS of U & ME’!

Leadership, progress, achievements, failures are so dependent on understanding and connecting with people.

Projects are no exception! Do yourself a favour, if you want something delivered right, do it with others in mind! That’s my new moto.

Being relatable, supporting interactions, enhancing connection, being open to communication, establishing boundaries, developing relationships…

…This is how you achieve the RIGHT outcome!

Don’t know how?

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