Be you

Speak your truth

In the past few weeks, I have been on a journey to get to my next level of greatness. A reflection that came up was a manager I worked for who depended on ONLY telling people what ‘they should know’ which wasn’t much btw! They shut down opportunities for people to speak their truth, grow, or be empowered. It almost broke me! It made me doubt myself & my career!

Today, I am grateful to see this for the learning it was and draw simply the lesson from the experience. What I know to be true is that every person has the right to information & speak their truth. This belief is wired in my DNA and I can’t help but react when I see people’s voices being taken from them!

It is exactly the reason I now choose to work only with modern, forward-thinking companies who practice empowering those around them & actively give a voice and opportunity. They see constructive feedback as a golden nugget to grow & innovate!

My service is to deliver IT projects which modernise businesses. I AM different because I also provide the tools to develop skilled, independent, and ambitious people in the process, to align to your success. Oh, and I also break down barriers and save you $??,000!

If this makes you uncomfortable – I’m not 4u.

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