Project roles

Being clear on our role ensures we’re not paying the guessing game.

Your job title only goes so far to set the expectations for your role.  While it gives others an idea, it does not state your roles’ boundaries, the level of authority surrounding you, or your dependencies on you.

Role clarity supports you to set these expectations and assists to deliver team and stakeholder satisfaction.

We recommend the following questions to test role clarity and open your mind to certain considerations.  This list is certainly not exhaustive however it does get the ball rolling and will prompt further questions.

    • Why does your role exist? Do your stakeholders and project members agree?
    • What is the purpose of your role? What are your role’s expectations, does it align with the purpose, and is this opinion shared by your project team? Are your expectations flexible and in accordance with your commitments?
    • Who do you report to?  Does this authority decide your work and do you have any input into this?  Who has the final say on your work?
    • How do you know if you have succeeded in your role?  What are your performance targets and when is your performance reviewed/measured? Who provides feedback on your performance and how is this given?
    • When is your success celebrated?

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