Don’t feel supported to question decisions?

Are fear, imposter syndrome or a lack of seniority stopping you from speaking up on a project when you have something to say?


I explained what causes us to feel afraid to speak up or not be heard on projects, and what each of us can do to find our voice with confidence.

During the webinar, I shared:

  • Strategies that will have your stakeholders wanting to show up to project meetings and ask for your opinion
  • Techniques to engage your team so they understand what you need and actively do what they can to help you succeed
  • The 5 questions you should ask your leaders, your team, and your stakeholders to easily gain their accountability and support

What participants learnt

  • Why Your Confidence is at the heart of finding your voice
  • The Foundational Elements that powerful project teams use every day to create successful project communication
  • Why knowing your values is key (and how to work out what they are)
  • How to create and apply boundaries to support your values and your confidence


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About Karine

Hi, I’m Karine. 

And I’m passionate about project delivery. 

Everyone today is talking about Project Management. Project Management is a strategy. And while understanding strategy is important, it’s in the doing that projects fail or succeed. Project Delivery is where it’s truly at. 

And when it comes to Project Delivery, I’ve been where you are. 

I don’t just know the theory; I’ve been in the trenches. And I became the person you’d call when things weren’t going well. 

I know there’s a better way. 

When your team trains with me, they’ll be engaged, driven and motivated. Even the boring parts of project delivery will be interesting. They’ll learn to understand and clarify project goals in line with the organisation’s vision, increase their communication skills, increase their emotional intelligence and learn to balance the needs of often competing stakeholders to deliver a powerful project every time. 

They’ll have improved confidence in project delivery and your clients will have increased confidence in your organisation. 

People are the magic that’s missing from your projects. And I can help you ignite them. 

I look forward to working with you soon.